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Resuscitaire Autobreath Setup - Device Tutorial   
The Autobreath option allows you to perform resuscitation easily and conveniently. You only have to set the breath per minute, FI02, PEEP, and airway pressure relief. All these parameters are adjustable based on the clinical needs of the infant and situation.

Resuscitaire Reprocessing poster - Clinical Document   
How to clean the Draeger Resuscitaire. Cleaning in 4 steps.

Resuscitaire Scale Quick Guide - Device Tutorial   
The high precision scale on the Resuscitaire includes features such as: • The ability to switch between grams and pounds • A zero or tare button • Re-weigh button

Resuscitaire Skills Checklist - Skills Checklists   
A tool to assess level of competency with the Resuscitaire.

Resuscitaire T-piece Setup - Device Tutorial   
The use of the T-piece is an Ideal respiratory tool for providing supplemental oxygen with consistent CPAP and PEEP delivery.

Resuscitaire: System Overview - Competency Tests   
The purpose of this presentation is to provide an overview of the Resuscitaire and its features.