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Carina Alarms & Troubleshooting Guide - Clinical Document   
This document provides a list of all High, Medium, and Low priority Carina alarms and their causes, as well as troubleshooting tips.

This document provides information about cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing the various components of the Carina.

This presentation consists of a general overview of the Carina’s capabilities, screen features, and physical characteristics.

Carina Manual - Competencies   
A comprehensive competency manual for the Carina sub-acute care ventilator.

This presentation covers basic startup and preparation information for Draeger's Carina Ventilator.

Carina Readiness for Operation Check - Clinical Document   
Use this document as a guide for completing the Carina Pre-Use Check. The user is guided through the steps that are necessary to ensure that the Carina is ready for clinical operation.

Carina Ventilator Skills Checklist - Skills Checklists   
A tool to assess level of competency with the Carina Ventilator.

This presentation will discuss the insufficent 02/LPO set alarm, the likely causes, and possible resolutions.

Carina: Service Menu - Device Tutorial   

This presentation provides an overview of the service menu on the Carina Ventilator.

Carina: Intro to Setup and Operation - Device Tutorial   

This chart displays the available ventilation modes and their associated settings for the Carina Ventilator.

Installing Carina onto Trolley - Device Tutorial   

This presentation will demonstrate how to install the Carina onto the trolley.

Use this document as a quick set-up guide for Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) on the Carina ventilator. This document also covers basic indications, contraindications, precautions, and alarm management for NIV application.

This document will explain the settings controls for PEEP and Pinsp when utilizing PC modes on the Carina ventilator.

What's New in Carina 3.2 - Device Tutorial   

Explore important changes in Carina software update 3.2.