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ICON Academy Webinars

Waveform Graphics 2: Pressure Control, Adaptive Pressure Control and APRV
  • Date: Jul 14, 2020 12:00 PM Eastern
  • Speaker: Geof Lear, RRT

The integration of ventilator graphics into the machine platforms has opened new vistas into the observation and evaluation of the interface between the patient and the mechanical ventilator. In the past a pressure manometer and numeric readings gave us a limited view of the patient ventilator interface. Now ventilator graphics allow us to see, in real time the full interface between the patient and the ventilator. In graphics 2 we will explore pressure ventilation to include Pressure Control Ventilation, Pressure support Ventilation, Adaptive Pressure control Ventilation and basic APRV waveforms.

  1. Differentiate Pressure Control Ventilation from Pressure Support Ventilation
  2. Recognize basic pressure control waveforms
  3. Recognize basic TCAV APRV waveforms

Contact Hours: 1

FREE for members.


  • Date: Jul 28, 2020 12:00 PM Eastern
  • Speaker: Geof Lear, RRT

So much in our lives is now powered through computer technology, including many of the mechanical ventilators currently in use. In this lecture we will look at how mechanical ventilators utilize their internal computers to drive algorithms that simply amplify signals as in proportional ventilation to applications of artificial intelligence that apply applications based off of published research.

Contact Hours: 1

FREE for members.


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