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ICU Mechanical Devices

02/26/2019 12:00 PM       This lecture will introduce the clinician to some devices seen at bedside to support our critical care patient’s. We will review and compare the various devices a physician may has to choose for cardiac support including IABP, LVAD, RVAD, VA-ECMO. This lecture will also review the devices available for respiratory support for oxygenation and ventilation. Finally, an introduction to devices that can assist the patient’s kidney and liver.

Waveform Graphics: Part 1

01/22/2019 12:00 PM       Waveform Graphics Part 1 will be discussing the time scaler waveforms of the basic control types seen in mechanical ventilation. The lecture will also demonstrate how the basic control type waveforms will be displayed in various modes of ventilation. The lecture will also compare the historical and proprietary nomenclature used in mechanical ventilation with the ventilator mode taxonomy developed by Robert Chatburn.